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ADD:Room 1801,18th Floor, Building T1, Hi Park, Luozu Community, Shiyan Subdistrict, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518108, P.R.China

General Manager: Tom

Email: admin@szvoraus.com

Sales Director: Andy DU

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WeChat: Vorausandy

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Area Manager: Elena Wang                        

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Area Manager: Kitty Bao

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Area Manager: Amy Du

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TEL :0086-18537976782

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Area Manager: Howie Bu

Email: manager7@szvoraus.com

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WeChat: bw18736283534

TEL :0086-17513107227

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Area Manager: Maggie

Email: manager2@szvoraus.com

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Yahoo: voraus14@yahoo.cn

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